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Crew Chief for Project Cars       MOD APK       Posted 2018-02-27


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This application is an alternative race engineer for Project Vehicles which includes more accurate and detailed radio messages than the built in race engineer. It knows a lot of of the AI drivers' names which will be included in messages where appropriate, and can also be extended to contain real drivers' names. It's also a spotter, and will tell you when there's a vehicle along side. The application contains voice recognition with a set of phrases you can use to request updates from the race engineer.The application runs in the background and continues to play messages when the screen is off or fresh app is being used.This version is the full application and contains some poor language, which can be disabled with the 'use sweary messages' setting. To use the application, your phone / smartphone must be connected to via Wi-Fi to the same network that the console / PC is on. The application needs a amazing quality connection to work properly. In the in-game options you need enable the UDP option (in the Gameplay settings). The application works best with this option set to 1, 2, or 3.There's more detailed documentation here: commandsThe application will answer to lots of voice commands. Using this functionality isn't important to obtain the best out of the application - it will automatically play messages it considers necessary without needing to be prompted - but some extra info can be obtained by using voice commands. The commands the application understands include:How's my [motor / brakes / suspension / body work / aero] - gives a hurt assessmentHow's my [fuel / tyre wear] - gives an assessment of your current fuel level or tyre conditionWhat's fuel level - reports your fuel level (in litres)What's my [best lap time / latest lap time / position] - reports your best / latest lap time (if it was a valid lap) or your positionWhat's my [gap in front / gap behind] - reports the time gap to the vehicle in front / behind in the raceWhat's the [vehicle in front / vehicle behind]'s [best lap time / latest lap time] - reports enemy best / latest lap timesWhat's the [vehicle in front / vehicle behind / the leader]'s [best lap time / latest lap time] - reports enemy best / latest lap timesWhat's the [vehicle in P 10]'s [best lap time / latest lap time] - reports enemy best / latest lap times for the specified enemy race positionWhat's the [air temperature / track temperature] - reports the air or track temperatureSpot / don't spot - toggles the spotter function on / offKeep quiet / shut up / I know what I'm doing / no more updates - temporarily switches off radio messages (note that the spotter messages will continue to play)Keep me informed / talk to me - switches radio messages back onRepeat latest notice / say again / repeat please - replay the latest radio messageThere are other messages the application understands and this is a part of the application that will continue to grow and improve.To use voice commands, you need to assign a button to the 'Start radio channel' action. Launch Project Vehicles and ensure your controller is plugged in and the app's UDP option is enabled. Click the Start radio channel action in the Assign buttons screen, then click the Assign button. Then press the controller button you wish to assign to this action. It the 'Keep button while talking' checkbox is selected, you must keep the button down while talking and the application will process the voice command once the button's released. If this checkbox isn't selected you can just press and release the button, create your voice command, and the application will process the command as soon as it's recognised it.

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For Android: 4.0.3 and up Tool: Crew Chief for Project Cars mod apk
When updated: 2018-02-27 Star Rating: 4.8
Name: Crew Chief for Project Cars apk mod free Extension: Apk
Author: Britton IT Ltd File Name: com.britton_it_ltd.crewchief.full
Current Version: 2.0.10 User Rating: Mature 17+
Downloads: 1000-5000 Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Racing





Some stability fixes Corrected inaccurate right-rear brake temperature values


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